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Tutu, Pink Polka dot Tutu

Tutu, Pink Polka dot Tutu

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Pink Polka dot Tutu

Top Of The Line Quality Tule

 Tutus are a staple in every little girls closet!

Choice Of Ribbons: 

1 Ribbon

2 Ribbons

3 Ribbons

(Two or three ribbons can be the same colours or different colours)

You Can Add Or Replace Ribbons With Laces!


Age                                 Yards                   Length         Waist

0- 6 months                    11yds                     7"               15"

6- 12 months                   12yds                    9"               17"

12 months- 2T                 13yds                     10"              19"

2T- 4T                             14yds                      11"            20"

4Y- 6Y                              17yds                     12"            22"

6Y- 8Y                             18yds                    14"             24"

8- 10Y                             20 yds                   16"             26"

We Do Not Use Glue In Making Our Tutu. 

Elastic waistband

Supper comfortable

Add personalization:


1- Around the waist

2- Length


Extra Accessories:


14"   3-6mth 

15"   6-12mth

16"   1-2 year

Also available in custom sizes 


Small, Medium & Large

Tutu Set:

Tutu, Headband, Bow, Raffel Socks & Shirt  

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Sometimes we will make exceptions for some orders, depends on availability.

Please reach out to us by phone, 902- 279 0053

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Orders can take up to two weeks to process, not including shipping time.

Some items will be processed earlier if available.                                                                 

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